Could DogeDay See DOGE Hit $0.69?

Dogecoin, the token beloved of almost the entire cryptocurrency community (and one or two multi-billionaires) has enjoyed an incredible April that has left it, staggeringly, just a few cents short of half a dollar in price. With DogeDay, the day celebrating the coin, now upon us, what are the odds of DOGE hitting this landmark price today?

1,000% Gain in Two Weeks

As anyone with even half an eye on social media, or even the mainstream media at times, will have noticed, DOGE has been getting a LOT of coverage, and not just by the crypto masses. Elon Musk has famously adopted it as his meme coin of choice and his relentless tweeting helped propel the unassuming shiba inu from $0.05 to $0.45 in just two weeks at the — an incredible 1,025% gain:

What many people, this author included, thought was another typical DOGE pump and dump has turned out to be anything but, with all dips being bought savagely up on the way up to DOGE’s improbable all time high. This has left us with the prospect of DOGE hitting $0.50, halfway to the meme target of $1 that was propounded by the TikTok brigade who were behind the initial runup earlier in the year.

Those new to the space may not quite realize just how incredible the achievement would be, but to give the move even more context let’s see how the current move relates to the coin’s entire history:

DOGE to Pump Hard on DogeDay?

As if DOGE needed any more reason to pump, DogeDay, a celebration of the coin and an attempt to push it to a tongue-in-cheek price of $0.69, is here. But what are the odds of it actually managing to bust a nut and make it to the hallowed figure? DOGE is facing stiff resistance at $0.425, but if it can break this with conviction then the run to half a dollar is well and truly on:

DOGE holders, and Elon Musk, will be fervently hoping that the coin can break virgin ground by penetrating its wall of resistance and explode up to the almighty figure of $0.69, which really will represent one of the finest conquests of this entire bull run.

Originally published at on April 20, 2021.



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