Eminem NFTs Sell Out as SHADYCOIN Rules Nifty Gateway

  • Eminem launched a number of NFTs on Nifty Gateway last night
  • Some sold out immediately, while others launch today
  • The collection ranges from animations to NFT reproductions of Eminem dolls

NFTs have made millionaires and created headlines around the world, and it seems that the next phase in the growth cycle is celebrity adoption. Dozens of celebrities have boarded the NFT train in recent weeks, from Edward Snowden to Mick Jagger, and it seems that the NFT world has a new star — Eminem. The rapper and music producer launched SHADYCOIN, his own collection of NFTs, over the weekend, with the two set-priced pieces selling out and the third currently being auctioned for $41,600, with proceeds going to the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

SHADYCOIN NFTs Take Eminem Back to His Childhood

Nifty Gateway says that SHADYCOIN was born from “the convergence of blockchain technology, creative enthusiasm, and pandemic doldrums” and adds that “this drop was inspired by Eminem’s passion as a vintage toy, comic book and trading card collector that traces back to his childhood days as just “plain old Marshall”.”

The three NFTs that make up the collection are animations based on Eminem’s work, with the music produced by the man himself. Tools of the Trade and Still D.G.A.F were limited to 50 each and included a physical print, numbered by hand and autographed by the rapper. These NFTs, priced at $5,000 each, all sold out on Sunday night, leaving Stan’s Revenge, a one off two-minute animation, on sale to the highest bidder. The current auction price is $41,600.

New Collection Drops Today

Alongside these NFTs are a number of mock comic book front covers featuring the rapper in different guises, including the famous Rap Boy from his 2002 hit ‘Without Me’. These will be conducted in a lottery format, with the odds of securing a $500 pack currently sitting at 16.66%:

Today also sees the launch of NFT versions of Eminem dolls in their packaging, featuring various famous outfits worn by the rapper:

Originally published at https://fullycrypto.com on April 26, 2021.




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